8 Places to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

While at work earlier this week, I received several notifications about National Dessert Day on my mobile Twitter app. Excuse me? I know things have gotten a bit out of hand with all of the national days that seem to randomly pop up every….day, but how in the world did I miss National Dessert Day? … More 8 Places to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

We’ll be back….

64 Eats has been on a bit of a break but that’s because we’ve been trying out new restaurants and experimenting with new programs to bring you a snapshot of the our favorite places along the I-64 corridor in Virginia. Don’t worry. We won’t keep all those wonderful foodie experiences to ourselves!

Kitchen 64

The first stop on my “road trip” is in my hometown of Richmond, Virginia. Located at 3336 North Boulevard in Richmond’s Northside, Kitchen 64 was a spot I would hit up with high school/college friends when we’d return home to visit parents. And this visit was no different. It had been a few years since … More Kitchen 64