Artisans Bakery & Café

The last couple of weeks have been extremely busy involving several trips up and down the road between Central Virginia and Hampton Roads. Thankfully, I was rewarded with dreary, rainy weather and a schedule that required absolutely nothing but relaxation the entire weekend. You guys don’t know (if you’ve ever been busy maybe you do … More Artisans Bakery & Café

Kitchen 64

The first stop on my “road trip” is in my hometown of Richmond, Virginia. Located at 3336 North Boulevard in Richmond’s Northside, Kitchen 64 was a spot I would hit up with high school/college friends when we’d return home to visit parents. And this visit was no different. It had been a few years since … More Kitchen 64

64 Eats

I was born and raised (reared for those old school English buffs) in Richmond, Virginia.  Although considered to be a bit slow in pace by some (mostly folks from larger cities or younger people yearning to leave for the pace of larger cities), Richmond has a variety to offer: cultural events, historical sites, parks and … More 64 Eats