64 Eats: Milwaukee Public Market

It has been a busy summer filled with a few road trips, one of them being my first time driving to the Mid-West! We primarily cover foodie finds off of I-64 in Virginia but we had to share a bit from our off the beaten path trip. You know I had to indulge the inner … More 64 Eats: Milwaukee Public Market

The $25 Richmond Dining Challenge – Richmond.com: Food Drink

Last weekend I came across an interesting blog post on Richmond.com. The author of the post and a few of his buddies challenged themselves to eat out in cap city for $25. You may think “Hey, that’s not much of a challenge. I do that all the time!” Here’s the kicker: $25 for an entire … More The $25 Richmond Dining Challenge – Richmond.com: Food Drink

Momotaro Sushi

There’s a habit I developed as a kid that I’m trying to kick. Sometimes my mother would ask me what I had a taste for when it was time for a meal. My mother accommodated my preferences within reason, making sure I had at least two veggies (one green), a starch and protein. Somethings don’t … More Momotaro Sushi