Downtown Norfolk Restaurant Week (July 12th-19th)

One characteristic of larger metropolitan areas that has begun to pop up in smaller cities is the wonderful idea of a restaurant week. Before moving to Hampton Roads I had the opportunity to attend my first restaurant week in Richmond so I was super excited to learn that just about all of the 7 cities … More Downtown Norfolk Restaurant Week (July 12th-19th)

The $25 Richmond Dining Challenge – Food Drink

Last weekend I came across an interesting blog post on The author of the post and a few of his buddies challenged themselves to eat out in cap city for $25. You may think “Hey, that’s not much of a challenge. I do that all the time!” Here’s the kicker: $25 for an entire … More The $25 Richmond Dining Challenge – Food Drink

The four main types of barbecue…No it ain’t Beef, Pork, Chicken, and Roadkill

Originally posted on Ol' Miner's Meanderins':
There are four main regional varieties of traditional, slow-cooked barbecue and those what love ‘em is usually them what growed up with ‘em, and sometimes they’ll even fight to defend ‘em.  BUT, there aren’t really any hard and fast rules about the differences between ‘em, nor even what…