About 64 Eats

I was born and raised (reared for those old school English buffs) in Richmond, Virginia.  Although considered to be a bit slow in pace by some (mostly folks from larger cities or younger people yearning to leave for the pace of larger cities), Richmond has a variety to offer: cultural events, historical sites, parks and trails and my favorite of all – pretty good restaurants.

Thanks to my family I appreciate good meals prepared at home AND in a restaurant. As a result, I seemed to gravitate towards people of like minds (and taste buds) in high school, college and when I officially entered the workforce.  While working in downtown Richmond, I threw around the idea of doing a food blog that focused on the best lunch spots in that area (if you know of one please share!). Alas, I didn’t pursue the idea before I made an executive decision to relocate to Tidewater (aka Hampton Roads).

Just because I moved doesn’t mean my love of delicious food had waned! No, sir/ma’am! A desire for seeking out new places and eating experiences grew.

I traveled back and forth on I-64 between Richmond and Hampton Roads and even Charlottesville countless times over the last two six years since I moved. Getting stuck in tunnel traffic one too many times on a hot summer day caused me to also explore alternate routes (Rt 10, Rt 60, Rt 460). However, whichever way I go I’m always on the lookout for an eating experience that will make my monthly (sometimes bi-monthly) jaunts up and down the road more memorable.

In this little space, I’ll share some of the places I have visited on those short road trips. There will be spots that I spontaneously came across and those that I did a thorough study of before trying out. Most of my posts will feature restaurants along the I-64 corridor in Virginia. Occasionally you’ll see a few gems found on one of the alternate routes mentioned above, but one way or the other you’ll hear about places to try or stay away from. And on even rarer occasions you’ll see me post about my eating outings in cities outside of Virginia and beyond!

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