International Eats: Iceland

A few months ago, a friend sent me a text with a screenshot of what I felt was an unbelievable airfare deal to Iceland. Since then I have come to realize that this is the season for great airfare deals to the land of fire and ice. With very little hesitation, I told my friend to grab her ticket and I would gladly go with her.

For years, Iceland had only been a place I’d seen towards the edges of maps and curves of globes. I knew enough to understand that Iceland was quite green in the warmer months despite its name. My limited knowledge didn’t stop me from being lured by $399 RT airfare via Icelandair out of Washington D.C. Although I didn’t make use of the benefit, Icelandair gives you the option to stop in Iceland for a few days and fly on to other European cities without extra fees. Find out more here.

On to the food!

While Iceland is known for being a bit pricey, everything we ate was well worth every króna! Fish burgers, open faced Danish sandwiches, traditional lamb stew and infamous hotdogs named after former American presidents were just a few meals we enjoyed during our four day trip. All the seafood we consumed was some of the freshest in the world! There are days I find myself craving Icelandic yogurt and fresh baked bread, which is a weakness for me everywhere I travel. 

Iceland welcomed us with a brisk wind and delicious food. Would I visit again? Yes! The challenge is trying to figure out when! 

Have you been to Iceland? What did you think of the food? Would you visit again?

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