Tupelo Honey Cafe – Virginia Beach

Last weekend we had the opportunity to check out a new addition to Virginia Beach Town Center, Tupelo Honey Café! Tupelo (TOO-peh-loh) is based out of Ashville, North Carolina with 11 locations in a handful of cities in the Carolinas, Tennessee, and Virginia. When we realized it was a regional chain we were a bit leery, but we had to check things out for ourselves. We’re so glad we did!

Bar, merchandise, and waiting area.
We made reservations last Friday which we thought would be extremely busy, but thankfully there were just enough people in the restaurant to give us a feel for the vibe as we patiently waited to be seated. The decor is eclectic, vibrant, and homey without making you feel you’re being forced to visit your grandma’s house. Our party of four were seated at a table overlooking the enclosed patio area which we decided we would check out on our next visit. We were presented with menus and given a rundown for the evening.There were three different menus floating around the restaurant which explained why we saw delicious food at other tables that wasn’t listed on our menu. But don’t worry when you go the full menu will be available and you’ll have to tell us what deliciousness you tried!

Dinner Menu

Dinner Menu (back)

After MUCH discussion, we decided on the following SOUTHERN SMALL PLATES: the Fried Avocado and Southern Taco Trio.

Fried Avocado: Fresh tomato salsa, whipped sour cream and roasted pistachio pesto. Party in your mouth for avocado lovers!
Southern Taco Trio
Southern Taco Trio: 2 curried fried chicken tacos w/ apple salsa and cherry pepper aioli & 1 meatloaf taco w/ Brussels slaw & smoked jalapeno sauce.
Hot and fluffy biscuits that had to have been made in some southern grandma’s kitchen were brought to the table with house-made blueberry jam and some of their very own Tupelo honey.

Hot homemade biscuits!
Hot homemade biscuits w/ an Island Sunrise Punch (non-alcoholic).

But man can’t live on hot, crusty biscuits alone. Bring on the entrées.

Beef & Bacon Meatloaf (w/ rosemary shallot gravy)
Beef & Bacon Meatloaf w/ Carrots & Mac and Cheese
Jumbo Shrimp w/ Mac & Cheese and Sweet Potato Fries
Jumbo Shrimp w/ Mac & Cheese and Sweet Potato Fries
Pan Seared Sea Scallops
Pan Seared Sea Scallops w/ Green Pea Risotto and Green Beans
Curried Fried Chicken
Curried Fried Chicken Thighs w/ Sauteed Greens & Goat Cheese Grits

We all sampled each other’s food, as good foodie friends tend to do, and enjoyed every thing we sampled with a few favorites. Meats were tender, juicy, and well flavored without being overly seasoned. A couple of the scallops were ever so slightly over cooked, but still delicious and the shrimp were well worth the wait. Lovers of real mac and cheese (no blue boxes here) will not be disappointed. For a spin on a southern staple, try the deliciously creamy goat cheese grits that made one of our foodies go back the following day for more! Now for dessert….. 

Banana Pudding
Pecan Pie

Both desserts were good but not the highlight of the meal.  The pie will definitely please pecan pie lovers but we were expecting a little something special for the pudding that just wasn’t there.
Overall the venue is beautiful, the service prompt and welcoming and the food delicious. 

We’re looking forward to going back to try some of the other options!
Have you been to any of Tupelo’s locations? What’s your favorite item on the menu? What should we try next? 

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