Quentin’s Tea Emporium

Although I enjoy coffee, I’m not one of those folks who has to have a few cups of joe in my system to start my day. The same goes for tea. I’m far from caffeinated snobbery but I enjoy tea and the variety of aromas it offers. When I visited Chicago a few years ago I used a Groupon deal for a tasting at Adagio teas. I had a lot of fun with the staff and enjoyed discovering teas new to me. While we have a couple tea chains in the area I wanted to find a local place I could support.

That’s how I came across Quentin’s Tea Emporium on Virginia Beach Blvd. in Virginia Beach. I don’t visit often but every time I visit take my time to sample several of their chais and find out what season offerings are in stock. Do you have a favorite tea or coffee spot in Virginia?


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