The $25 Richmond Dining Challenge – Food Drink


Last weekend I came across an interesting blog post on The author of the post and a few of his buddies challenged themselves to eat out in cap city for $25. You may think “Hey, that’s not much of a challenge. I do that all the time!” Here’s the kicker: $25 for an entire week’s worth of eating out. *blank stare* Yeah, that’s what I thought. These dudes didn’t hit up the stereotypical go-to drive-thru dollar or “value” menu. And this wasn’t a challenge of the Mayor Cory Booker variety either.

The challenge required that each participant eat at five different restaurants featuring five different types of food spending roughly $5 on each meal (1 meal eaten at a restaurant per day) and get this —- actually feel full.

Had you taken up the challenge where would you have eaten?

Read more at the link below.

The $25 Richmond Dining Challenge – Food Drink.

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