Momotaro Sushi

There’s a habit I developed as a kid that I’m trying to kick. Sometimes my mother would ask me what I had a taste for when it was time for a meal. My mother accommodated my preferences within reason, making sure I had at least two veggies (one green), a starch and protein. Somethings don’t change. On this particular day, I had a taste for sushi. There were two go-to sushi spots for me when I lived in Richmond: Umi Sushi Bistro in Short Pump and Sumo San in Shockoe. I discovered both of those places while working for The Man. Unfortunately while visiting my hometown on this particular Saturday, I forgot that Sumo San was closed for lunch and Short Pump was out of the way. So my cousin and I decided to meet someplace in the middle: Carytown. I’d done burgers and subs, Chinese, French, chocolate and a host of other things there but never sushi. I remembered the times I circled the block looking for close parking to catch a movie at the Byrd Theater that my eyes would focus on a chalkboard sign outside of a restaurant with the words “Momotaro”. Hey, why not? Let’s try it!

Momotaro Sushi is a quaint (yep, small) sushi spot on Cary Street in Carytown. When my cousin and I arrived, they had apparently just opened. To their credit, I think they opened a bit sooner since we were there early. On a sunny day the interior can appear a bit dim at first so take a few minutes to let your eyes adjust and it should be all right. The place can possibly seat up to 25-30 people with small square chairs and partial booths. There’s plenty of Japanese decor to make you think you’re in a legitimate sushi establishment. Customer service was adequate. Sushi and sashimi selection seemed standard. There were a few special rolls named for the area that looked interesting. We ordered the Shrimp Tempura Roll and a roll that had everything but the kitchen sink (Carytown Roll perhaps). I’ve scoured the internet for a menu but couldn’t find one. Both were delicious, but the taste was overshadowed by a weird smell in the dining area. Apparently they’d set off a bug bomb in the restaurant the night before so it was a bit hard to ignore the smell of RAID while we were there.

All in all, if you’re in Carytown and want a place to grab some sushi and a cold beverage in an intimate atmosphere, than this is your place. I wouldn’t make a special trip to visit since I didn’t feel that the sushi was outstanding but it was tasty. Just don’t go as soon as they open. Give the bug bomb (for the ants) a chance to clear.


Momotaro Sushi

2803 W Cary St, Richmond, VA 23221 20130606-183907.jpg

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