Artisans Bakery – Part Deux

Treats from Artisans
A few of the treats I purchased at Artisans Bakery in Portsmouth, VA

I tried to stay away. I really did, but the almond croissant called for me from Washington Street in Portsmouth, compelling me to visit the place featured in my last post one more time. I usually try not to visit a place too much after I have been introduced. I will often wait a few weeks before I try it again.

Well…..that didn’t happen this time.

I found myself getting up early to drive to the bakery for a little something to start my Saturday morning on a good note and there was plenty of tasty treats waiting for me at Artisans Bakery in Portsmouth, VA.

This time I didn’t rush the process. I stood back a bit, allowing the regulars to rattle off their orders while they made small talk with the retail staff. When you walk into a place and see display cases of delicious savory and sweet treats you have to take a moment to process it all.

Too many goodies to choose from!
Artisans Bread schedule

They taped the box after I made my purchases but one item didn’t make it back to the house. 🙂

Delicious spinach and cheese croissant!

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