Yard House Virginia Beach

It was a Monday. I was actually still on a pretty good buzz (just a natural high, folks) from a good weekend and didn’t want that feeling to end. I’d been productive. Worked out. Wrote a blog post. Life buzz. Early Monday evening while I was still at work I got a call from a good friend who wanted to hangout. Perfect timing!

So we decided to meet up at Virginia Beach Town Center which is located smack dab in the middle between our jobs (Exit 17B on I-264). The fall weather was a bit chilly as we walked and talked, finally deciding on hitting up Yard House. Located at 4549 Commerce Street in Virginia Beach.

Goodness me, I forgot what Monday means to a large portion of the general population in the U.S.

And with this special day comes perks at Yard House. In addition to the usual happy hour perks that end around 7 or 8pm, there’s something to look forward to for those not into beverages of the spirited kind.

Yard House
Happy Hour indeed!

My friend and I were back and forth on which of the appetizers to choose. Eventually we settled on the Blue Crab Cakes (pictured below). If you’re not into mixing fruity flavors with your crab then you can request that they hold the sauce.

with mango papaya chutney, passion fruit beurre blanc and tomato oil

We followed up our appetizer with the Parmesan Crusted Chicken and the Chicken Garlic Noodles.

Parmesan Crusted Chicken
Chicken Garlic Noodles
finely chopped chicken, asparagus, spinach, shiitake mushrooms, smoked tofu, parmesan and edamame

And to add the icing to a pleasurable eating experience we ordered the Mini Trio Sampler. Hey don’t look at me like that. I did it for you. 😉

A little taste of heaven

A little bit about the place:

The Yard House is a spot that’s perfect for people watching. There are wooden booths (no cushions) and tables, high backed chairs and tables and bar seating. The bar is situated in the middle of the room with the booths located on the perimeter, leaving the high backed chairs to fill in. Large flat screen tvs displaying various sports are located throughout the restaurant, with several (counted 4 at least) behind the bar area. Whether you like to eat alone or are looking to meet up with friends this is a good place for it. Quiet it isn’t. However, it’s one of those places where you lean in to speak to someone so make sure you meet up with someone worth leaning into. 😉

Cha-ching: Entrees were priced upwards of $13-$15. Sandwiches were a bit less.

Yard House Virginia Beach

4549 Commerce Street  Virginia Beach, VA 23462
(757) 490-9273

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