Kitchen 64

Kitchen 64 in Richmond, VA (I-64 Exit 78)

The first stop on my “road trip” is in my hometown of Richmond, Virginia. Located at 3336 North Boulevard in Richmond’s Northside, Kitchen 64 was a spot I would hit up with high school/college friends when we’d return home to visit parents. And this visit was no different. It had been a few years since we had visited so we were looking forward to seeing if our old favorites were still on the menu as well as if there were any new favorites to be made. We walked into the restaurant on a Saturday afternoon in August between the lunch and dinner rushes. There were a couple of families with toddlers, a few couples and small groups of friends sprinkled about the restaurant. Both of us being big seafood fans, our go-to appetizer at Kitchen 64 has almost always been the Crab Cake Bruschetta (pictured below). I’m a sucker for lump crab cakes. While these are not the best I’ve had, they do a pretty good job. These are well-seasoned but not overly, which thankfully allows you to actually taste the natural flavor of the crab, just without the hint of ocean. If you’re dining alone, you will probably need to box up the remaining bits but this appetizer can easily be split between two people (who are hungry) or a few more (who aren’t THAT hungry).

3 mini crab cakes served atop toasted kalamata olive bread with fresh tomatoes, onions, mixed greens, sprinkled parmesan and balsamic drizzle
Here’s a bit of a closeup on that delicious crab cake in all its lumpiness.

After the appetizer we were ready for something a little more substantial. While we nibbled, we sneaked peeks at the Olympic games on the large flat screen on the opposite wall behind the bar. Since we were in between lunch and dinner, our meal arrived quickly. My friend enjoys a good sandwich and reminded me that this was her go-to whenever we visited the Kitchen. While I don’t automatically make a play for people’s food, when I dine with close friends it’s a given that I’ll be sampling. šŸ™‚ The server brought my friend’s order first, the Scott’s Addition – thinly sliced prime rib grilled with mushrooms, onions, & Swiss cheese served with a side of au jus & horsey sauce, and I immediately knew I needed to taste a small bite of that prime rib myself. Man oh man was it tender, flavorful and really moist. A bite of the sandwich with a dab of horsey sauce and a dip of au jus made me wish I hadn’t chosen a different sandwich for my own meal. I like to be mildly adventurous from time to time by ordering different things on the menu so I bypassed Scott’s Addition, but I may not next time.

Thinly sliced prime rib grilled with mushrooms, onions, & Swiss cheese served with side of au jus & horsey sauce
Their sandwiches are served with choice of fries, pasta salad,
sweet potato fries, potato salad or cole slaw.

; Shortly after my fleeting moment of regret over my selection had surfaced, it disappeared when the server brought my order, The Manolito, to the table.

Pulled pork & chorizo sausage with sliced pickles, mustard & swiss cheese

After the bruschetta and sampling my friend’s sandwich, I honestly didn’t feel like I had enough space for The Manolito but once I saw those juicy pieces of pulled pork I made room.

Dessert? Unfortunately I had to pass on dessert this time around.

A little about the location: When you enter the front door, there are around 7-8 large wooden booths (no cushions) that can easily accommodate 6-8 people depending on the varying sizes of its occupants. Towards the front in the middle of the room are high stool-like chairs around high tables. Great for people watching during peak times. To the right of the high tables is the bar. There is also a seating area under a large tent-like structure attached to the front of the restaurant. Not bad during mild summer weather but a bit cold during the winter. From what I recall it is heated in the colder seasons, however, the heat doesn’t always reach the outer corners of seating so dress warmly. šŸ™‚

Cha-Ching: Most entree items are $15 or less. Most appetizers are less than $10.

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